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Custom Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults using your photo or art!

The "Traditional Cut Style" jigsaw puzzle piece is a wonderful looking piece that is a lot of fun to solve. This is a terrific cut for the common jigsaw puzzle enthusiast and collector, as well as the advanced jigsaw puzzle aficionado. 

A personalized jigsaw  puzzle is a wonderful way for your  to gather around for some quality family time together, and even invite some friends over. Whether for an evening in front  of the fire, or a long weekend snowstorm, or a rainy period during your summer vacation. My large jigsaw puzzle sitting out on it's own designated table everyone to gather around each night, will add a delightful atmosphere and connection to all that touch it.

I give very special, detailed attention to your personal pictures when I carve them, in order preserve       important aspects such as faces, words and special objects, such as eyes, teeth, and other obviously important image attributes, to skillfully wrap my cuts around them, . 

Additionally, you have the option to include special figure shaped pieces, in your puzzle. I offer 2 complimentary figurals for each 100 pieces of puzzle that you custom order. You may add additional special figure shaped pieces for $10 each.  Word pieces count as 1 figural per three letters of a word.

(A) Pricing & Piece Count Puzzle piece ratio is very important as my very best puzzles are cut at a ratio of 2.0 to 2.2 pieces per square inch of puzzle picture area. For true wooden jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts and collectors, this size puzzle piece is by far the most common ordered, as well as the most collectible.

For example an 8"x10"  picture = 80 square inches.  80 x 2.2 pcs. = 175 puzzle pieces from that size photo or art print. (rounded numbers)

11"x14" = 155" sq. x 2.2pcs. = 340 puzzle pieces...
14"x17" = 238" sq. x 2.2pcs. = 520 puzzle pieces...
16"x20" = 320" sq. x 2.2pcs. = 700 puzzle pieces... etc.

(B) Pricing & Piece Count
For some of us adults that are more advanced in age (myself included), slightly larger puzzle pieces (Just a little) can make the puzzle solving experience that much more enjoyable.  With this in mind, I added a 2nd pricing structure to my "Traditional Cut Style" jigsaw puzzle pieces, to cater to just this scenario.       
      1) Some adults that are 50 and over desire to see and handle the slightly larger pieces better.
      2) Other customers are sometimes looking to reduce the overall puzzle cost a little.
      3) Lastly, others are simply looking for something that is not quite as challenging as a full blown 2.0-2.2 pieces per square inch puzzle cut. This is why I have introduced the 1.5 piece per square inch size puzzle piece and pricing further down this page. You can see this new information on it in the 2nd pair of columns below.  

These larger pieces do take slightly longer to cut, thus I do charge 25¢ more per puzzle piece, than the 2.0 to 2.2 Pieces Per Square Inch size, however the reduced piece count still creates a cost savings of about 20%.  For example an 8"x10" picture = 80 square inches. 80 x 1.5 pcs. = 120 puzzle pieces from that size photo or art print. (rounded numbers)

11"x14" = 155" sq. x 1.5pcs. = 230 puzzle pieces...
14"x17" = 238" sq. x 1.5pcs. = 360 puzzle pieces...
16"x20" = 320" sq. x 1.5pcs. = 480 puzzle pieces... etc.

Wonderfully hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults | Challenging, Fun, Family Heirlooms

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My Traditional Earlet Cutting Style - 1-860-818-4334

Earlet Cutting style for challenging adult jigsaw puzzles


My most popular puzzle cutting style  Hand crafted, custom made, one of a kind wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults,   corporate events, weddings, as well as for children. For my Jigsaw Puzzle Price Chart... please scroll down this page.

Plan Ahead for Holidays, Birthdays and Special Occasions


Hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles take time to make.  It is a good idea to plan ahead a very minimum of two week, but better yet, 3-5 weeks, especially around the annual holiday season.

Attention to image Detail! - Note the Faces are not carved through.


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Beautiful Hand Made Irregular Edge Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults


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